Monday, November 17, 2008


Finally, ClubPenguin let us become ninjas!
I am a yellow belt. It is awsome! Lots of people want to know how to get the belts. Well your in luck because I'm gonna tell you right here, right now (lol). Well first, if you haven't already, go talk to Sensi in the inner part of the dojo. To talk to him put your mouse over the pillow and click, your penguin should move there. Then once there you will be asked to talk to Sensi. Click Yes. Now learn how to play.(If you haven't already.) Now click competition. I think it is the easiest way to level up in the ranks. (White belt, Yellow belt, etc...) Then, just keep on playing for like 10 times. After that, Sensi should give you a belt! There you go, your first belt. Now do this a lot and you will soon be a black belt! ClubPenguin has also released trading cards. If you versed Sensi, you might have seen him battle you with new cards. Those cards are probably from trading cards. I guess they work the same like a coin code or book. You just put in a code, or answer a question. Then you get these special cards to beat everyone with. And, I think getting the trading cards and unlocking them would probably help you beat Sensi! I heard if you beat Sensi, you can unlock special items online! Comment and tell me what they are if you get them!!!
Well I guess that's it for now!
-Storm 479


katelyn said...

BUt how do u get a belt i can't win

Storm 479 said...

Storm 479 Reply:
Well what you do first is play games. I think you have to win 5 times to get a belt.